Convenient Storage Lockers Near College Campus

extra student storage rooms

College Student Dorm Storage

Stor Safe is located less than 10 miles south of Colorado State University. If you are a student at CSU and you need extra storage room for some of your things, Stor Safe would be happy to help. We love working with college students, and we offer a discount to help meet your limited budget.

Stor Safe is Great for Students

When summer rolls around, you may find that you need to move out of your dorm room – but you don’t have anywhere to put your furniture just yet. Rather than taking everything back home, only to bring it back to Fort Collins in the fall, reserve a spot at Stor Safe and keep furniture storage locker right here. With all of your things only a few miles from campus, it will be easy to move into your new spot when school starts up once again.

For students at CSU, there is enough to worry about just trying to keep up with the demands of challenging school work. Don’t give yourself another headache by waiting until the last minute to solve your storage room problem. Contact Stor Safe today for your convenient storage room option!

Stor Safe

6651 N Franklin Ave
Loveland, CO 80538

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