September 13, 2019
Buyer Beware: How to Detect Moving Scams

Getting scammed by any business is embarrassing enough. Having a moving company defraud you is not only embarrassing, it is also an act that can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Fortunately, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides consumers with a number of tools to help them select the best moving […]

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August 14, 2019
Organizing Your Storage Unit for Success

You have accurately calculated the number of packing boxes you will need to move your stuff. You have done a good job of planning the loading of the moving truck. You have spent considerable time thinking about where your stuff will go in your new home. Now, you have one more thing to deal with […]

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July 12, 2019
Better Safe Than Sorry: Important Moving Truck Features

You’ve seen the commercials: a brand new shiny car drives down a road, while the voice-over describes the many positive features that attract customers to make purchases. What used to be descriptions about engine power and superior aerodynamic performance have changed into descriptions about vehicle safety features. Safety matters now more than ever for motorists. […]

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June 14, 2019
What Security Features Matter For Your Stuff

What is the most important factor that determines where you store your stuff? Is it the monthly payment? Does location matter the most to you? If you put some of your prized possessions in the hands of a company, doesn’t it makes sense to put security at the top of your storage unit factor list? […]

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May 14, 2019
What to look for in a facility contract

One look at many self-storage contracts, and you would think you need a CSI to decipher all of the muddled legal language. From ambiguous terms to confusing due dates, you can be left hanging by the proverbial financial thread. Although any manager of a storage business worth his or her salary should make a rental […]

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April 15, 2019
Murphy’s Law: What you need to know about storage insurance

High school sure was fun, wasn’t it? We got to learn about a bunch of laws that frankly, really have no relevance in our crazy modern world. Sure, the law of physics matters whenever you see a boulder crashing down the side of a mountain. There are also countless criminal laws that if we’re lucky, […]

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humidity storage
March 18, 2019
Climate Change: What does climate controlled mean in self storage?

You know about the climate change debate and how it has ripped apart families from Chicago to Timbuktu. However, you might not know that a similar, if less heated debate is going on concerning the climate change happening in storage units located across the globe. The climate change inside facilities dedicated to keeping personal and […]

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packing a truck
February 11, 2019
It’s Not Rocket Science: How to Pack a Moving Truck

Have you ever wondered how movers seem to pack and load trucks effortlessly? Well, what they do isn’t rocket science. In fact, there isn’t even a book titled “How to Pack a Moving Truck for Dummies.” First Things First: Before you break out the first packing box, you have to select the correct size van […]

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bidding estimates
January 16, 2019
Binding Resolution: What Does it Mean for Moving Quotes?

Just the thought of moving and storing your stuff can lead to many sleepless nights. Murphy’s Law, which covers everything from an unpredicted snowstorm to a mover losing some of your things, seems to rule the day for people relocating across town or cross country. Moving is considered one of the least liked things we […]

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storage do-nots
December 17, 2018
Guns, Money, and Lawyers: What Not To Leave In Storage

Planning for moving day is like preparing to perform an exhaustive military operation. It starts by searching for the best moving company and it ends with your feet propped up on an end table that you have no idea where you want it to go. One of the most important decisions to make for most […]

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