December 17, 2018

Guns, Money, and Lawyers: What Not To Leave In Storage

storage not to doPlanning for moving day is like preparing to perform an exhaustive military operation. It starts by searching for the best moving company and it ends with your feet propped up on an end table that you have no idea where you want it to go.

One of the most important decisions to make for most moves involves deciding what items to store off site. You might have a couch that just does not match the decor of any room or a rolling wardrobe that has passed its fashionable use. Deciding what to store off site is one thing, but you also must be aware of another important moving task: the items that you should not leave locked up at a secure facility.

Read the Contract
The best moving companies offer comprehensive services that range from packing your things to placing items at an offsite facility. This means you can expect to sign one contract that covers every moving service. Within the fine print will be a section that clearly explains what you cannot leave behind at a facility. The reasons for the forbidding of certain household goods from resting in an offsite facility include legal liability and the fact the items pose considerable danger.

Here is a list of items you can expect movers to exclude from storage eligibility:
Flammable objects
Some types of military equipment

The forbidden items make sense, if you have common sense. Why would any business allow firearms, explosives, and flammable objects stored unmonitored stored on site? However, there is another thing that typically does not make the storage forbidden list, but should also remain with you at home or even better, at a bank.

It is called money.

Even if you buy a safe to place cash, it is still vulnerable to the clutches of savvy thieves. Put yourself in the shoes of a thief. Would you rather deal with a homeowner inside of a home or try to circumvent the security system of a facility where you think there might be a pot of gold under the rainbow?

The answer is you will take your chances with a facility protected by a security system, not a home where the owner might be armed with a shotgun.

If you are not sure what to store at a facility, ask the operator of the facility to confirm the storage policies spelled out in the contract. Better safe than sorry should be the mantra for storing items at a facility.

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