November 7, 2018

Lighten Up: Funny Moving Stories to Reduce Stress

Moving is one of the most stressful things we endure in life. Outside of bringing new life into the world or having to deal with Uncle Sam’s army of IRS agents, no other event causes us stress more than packing our valuables and heading towards a new horizon. The stress of a move can trigger an anxiety attack that makes ordinarily stoic people turn into blubbering masses of sweaty flesh.

We’re not talking about movers that wreck the family car or steal the safe holding rare antiques. We’re talking about veritable funny moving stories that should help you ease the angst that forms in your head on moving day.
Here’s one anecdote that should get you to lighten up before the big move:

“A cat was accidentally shipped from Southern California to Salt Lake City. The curious kitty snuck into the trailer when no one was looking. In the rush of the move, the poor customer didn’t realize her kitty was missing for three days. After a frantic call, the kitty was recovered without injury. It did take an hour or so of coaxing by the driver to get the scared kitty to come out of the trailer, though.”

It seems pets are a common theme for telling funny moving stories. One moving company operating in the Midwest told a story about the request from a customer to move a vehicle and a goat across several state lines. There was no word whether the moving company placed the goat inside of the car or worse, decided to hold an impromptu barbecue.

A moving company customer in Texas asked if it would be alright if he and his dog slept in a storage container until his home was ready for the new owner. One moving company relocated an aquarium across town, with the fish and water still in the aquarium. A woman relocating from Memphis, TN to St. Louis, MO contacted the mover to see how long it would be before her stuffed arrived to ‘The Gateway to the West’. She was worried the food she stored inside a refrigerator might spoil.

A moving company employee that works for a business specializing in relocating professionals cross country had this funny story to tell:

“While in the process of quoting a move for a very nice gentleman, a quotation analyst could hear a woman talking and asking questions in the background. Suddenly the nice gentleman calmly said, “I am getting off the phone now, my wife is annoying me.”

Remember that the next time you want to hang up on your boss.

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