May 14, 2018

10 Tips For Packing Up Your Dorm or Apartment

That time of year has finally come! Final exams are around the corner and college students need a place to store their  living essentials until the next semester begins. We know the adventurous heart of students will most likely carry them to a distant land for the summer. With Colorado State University close by, Stor Safe wants to reach out to college students with some helpful storage advice until next semester rolls back around.

dorm tips

  1. Pack up early! Get a head start before your final exams. Finals week is stressful enough. We advise packing up your winter clothes or other unneeded items about 2 weeks before final exams begin. This is a great way to get a head start on packing.
  2. De-Clutter. You may have clothes that are too worn down, outdoor furniture that is run-down, or other things that no longer serve a purpose. It may be nice to sell some things or even give certain items to charities.
  3. Use storage supplies. Many students underestimate the power of organizing your items into boxes, taping them up, and labeling each box with its corresponding category. This will make unpacking for next semester much easier!
  4. Protect your glassware with foam peanuts or bubble wrap. It is easy to forget which boxes contain fragile and easily-breakable items. Although it helps to put a “fragile” or “handle with care” mark on the corresponding boxes, it also helps to put extra padding in the boxes so you can be rest assured nothing will be breaking on move-out day!
  5. Avoid traffic or moving out during rush hour. We suggest you do it early in the morning or mid-day. Depending on where you are going, traffic can play a huge role in your moving experience. Pick a time that you want to head-out on moving day at least 3 weeks in advance and plan your packing accordingly.
  6. Coming back next semester? Put your unneeded furniture and living items in a unit near your college campus. Remember, Stor Safe offers discounts to students!
  7. Make a list of what you currently have. You may have a different roommate or a new roommate next semester. It is important to account for what you have to keep your items safe and to be prepared for to coordinate with your next roommate for the fall semester!
  8. Stay hydrated! Drink a ton of water on moving day. It may sound silly, but we all know that moving is hard work. If you stay nourished and hydrated through moving day, we can guarantee you will have a much better experience.
  9. Make life easier. If you are using storage, make this experience easier by choosing a space that offers convenient, ground level storage (that’s right, Stor Safe has got you covered there).
  10. Use your clothes hangers. Keep all your clothes on their hangers when you are moving them back home for the summer (or wherever you may be off to). Then you don’t have to worry about your clothes collecting dust or and moisture and you can easily hang them up when you get to your destination!

Stor Safe wishes you a stress free move and wishes you the best of luck on your final exams!

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