April 15, 2018

Use Storage to Get Rid of Home Clutter

Spring Cleaning Time…
April  has arrived and that means it is officially spring cleaning time! Spring cleaning can seem like a tedious and daunting task. Where to begin, what to get rid of, what to organize… it is certainly an overwhelming and stressful task. The most important part to remember is how good it feels after the spring cleaning is all finished.

Step One: Make a Checklist
A great place to start is make a checklist of things in your home that can be placed into storage. Placing clutter items, old furniture, old books, or other things into storage can be a great starting point to your spring cleaning process. But first, you need to make a list of things that you do not need in your home. Making a list is a helpful method to get your cleaning process started.

Step Two: Find an Appropriate Storage Place
You may be placing items of either financial or sentimental value into a storage unit. Whatever it may be, it is vital to find a storage place that will keep your items safe and secure. To start, find storage that offers convenience. At Stor Safe, we have all ground level units, roll-up doors, and offer 24/7 access. You also want to make sure that your items are safe. Our property offers recorded video surveillance, disc locks, and tenant insurance. You can always be sure your goods are secure when you rent storage with Stor Safe.

Step Three: Get your Clutter out and Clean Out the House!
Once you have chosen the best storage for your needs, you can move everything that is unneeded in your home into storage. Now comes the fun part, pull out the gloves and start cleaning! Good news for you is cleaning is much easier once the clutter is out of your home. Most people make this mistake and spring cleaning gets harder and harder each year. The best part about using storage to aid your spring cleaning process is the ease of getting back into your unit. If you decide you want to bring the couch back into the basement, you can easily get back into your storage rental and get it! Who knows, you may just want storage while you do a deep clean of the whole house!


All we can say is, using a facility may make your spring cleaning process less daunting and make it more productive. We wish you luck!



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